The covered terrace, surrounded by greenery, is separated from the lounge by a bay window .

It is here that you can make large tables and cook your fish, seafood and other delicacies on the outside grill.


– 1 Table ( extension in the reserve up to 12 pers.)

– 6 Chairs ( folding chairs + 6 )

– 3 Chairs

– 1 Plancha gas ( 1 bottle feed gas)

– 1 Shack squirrel and a Birdhouse ( seeds included)


– 6 Vintage bicycles:

These bikes are sufficient to shop the market and make  ballads.

– 1 Point outside water :

Useful to rinse you return from the beach or clean your equipment if you are kite surfers and others.

outdoor -game ( Kubb )

KUBB game is a Swedish tradition , its roots go back to the time when there was a stack of firewood in each farm. A number of logs of the same size were selected from the stack and , presto, you have the game of Kubb . The Kubb is a game made for everyone.

We let you rule on site ( very simple) and bet that you will become addicted .